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I did it

I smoked for 25 years. Tried everything and nothing worked for me. A friend of mine who went to Calgary Laserworks highly recommended Kim. Made my appointment the rest is history and so is my smoking. Thanks Kim.

Tom Baker


Unbelievable! No withdrawal symptoms, few short cravings. Should have done this years ago instead of attempting to quit smoking with the patch. It is still mind over matter but without serious craving the treatment made quitting easier than I thought. Anyone who wants to quit and is struggling with other smoking sensation products, this one is the real deal.

Thanks Kim

Neil de Jong

Calgary Laser Works

Great place. I struggled with quitting for years. It works instantly and then even years later, when life hits hard, Kim finds a way to keep you smoke free or get you there again. This actually works people, painless, easy, and costs less than smoking. Do it NOW before it’s too late and you get cancer.

Christian Lagore


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